The innovative Made in Italy Smart Platform

Thanks to Dinapsio it is possible to:

Monitor energy consumption

Control energy production out of a photovoltaic plant

Gain an immediate alert on any malfunction event affecting the monitored systems


Caratt 1
It allows you to control consumption and renewable production time trend and leads to support detection of potential power waste and peaks.
Caratt 2
It helps you to find how you spend your money and where to focus in order to maximise your savings and at the most consistent fare.
Caratt 3
It helps in carrying out a in-depth assessment of energy quality level reported for your engineering plant and equipment, for the proper functioning of the existing devices.
Caratt 4
It allows you to promptly detect malfunctions , so as to take immediate and corrective action ensuring all plants perform at best at their maximum.
Caratt 5
It allows you to discover the critical areas of your system so as to put in place robust preventive maintenance program.

Application fields

Easy to use, flexibility and low investment cost, make suitable for many different applications: housing, office and industrial buildings, either for new or existing equipment.

Real estate


Web platform accessible by any kind of device. Your data are always at your hand.

Continuous and automatic improvements and update.

Easy to access user-friendly interface, and quick.

You can select the utilities you need to monitor and pay only for them.

Highest compatibility with the most common smart meters based on Modbus and Konnex protocols of the most common manufacturer.
Tariff plans